Thursday, November 5, 2009

Candle Light Darkness!

बोलता बोलता लाईट जावी,
बराच वेळ दबून राहीलेले भाव चक्क सरळ ओघळून चेहऱ्यावर यावेत,
अवाक होऊन कळोखावर नजर खिळावी,
मेणबत्ती मिळेपर्यंत हा खेळ असाच चालू रहावा,
आणि मग काडीचा जसा कण नी कण मंद आवाज करत पेट घेतो,
तसा सगळा चेहऱ्यावर ओघळलेला भाव, जशी वाळू हातातून निसटते तसा एखाद्या हलक्या हुंकारात निसटून जावा!

फक्त फोटोबद्दल बोलायचं तर, अंधारामधे फोटोचे फार कमी प्रयत्न केलेत, पण काही खास ट्रिक्स असतील, तर जरूर ऐकायला आवडेल. हा एक सहज जमून गेलेला प्रकार. MSEB चे धन्यवाद.


Deep said...

Smart pic :)

Hmm ha photo kunacha aahe?

@sh said...

High ISO (usually not recommended, but would work in low light with a good quality camera).
Low F-stop (high aperture) and low shutter speed.. and of course steady hands and preferably focus on the eyes bah blah..

forvyas said...

I would suggest long exposures on a regular ISO....this will make use of all available light and the picture would still retain sharpness.....the only problem you need to tackle is that subject stays stationery for the exposure duration....
Have experimented this with very good results...

Alok said...

forgot to mention that you will need a tripod for this!

Ruta said...

Mast tiplayas!

Anonymous said...

Tujhya tya photo khalchya "para" la daad dilya shiway rahawat nahi.

chaan lihilas, tya photola ek wegla dimension milala ani tujhya "para" la photo mule vegli chata milali.

Pankaj said...

You can use regular ISO (ISO upto 400), with 1 or 2 stops of positive exposure along with low shutter, llow aperture value (2.7 or <). Tripod (if any) would be useful! Use self timer for the lens to adjust. You can also use flash at a very low intensity, so that it will not affect the picture!

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Firasta.... said...


Revisited your blog after a long time and stumbled on this post.

" आणि मग काडीचा जसा कण नी कण मंद आवाज करत पेट घेतो "

I could not miss the sound of stricking match stick in my mind..

Very poetic ...